Custom Paint

Custom Paint Schemes

Part of any restoration includes a new full body paint job. If your vehicle is your world, there’s no better way to show it off than with a stylish and customized paint job.

There’s almost an infinite universe of color to consider when determining the right scheme for you. We have a wide range of colors, patterns, designs and paintwork effects to consider.

Classic effects include things such as two-tone paint with hard lines, a two-tone fade, candies and pearl paint. Each effect can give you a characteristic that’s unique and accentuate or diminish the vibrancy of your color scheme,  depending on the specific effect that you’re looking for. Presenting you with a color scheme that you will love for the entire life of the vehicle is key with any car restoration and something we do for all of our customers as part of the project.

Customized Paint

Color Matching is Crucial

Chassis Upgrades at Burls Hypnotic

At Burl’s Hypnotic Customs, we know that color matching is one of the most important things we do, and that’s why we use BASF’s color matching system, one of the world’s finest. Some clients know precisely what colors they want, while others are open to suggestions or direction. As a general rule of thumb, we know that it’s always good to go with warmer or cooler tones, and avoid mixing the two, as they will often clash and can look gaudy.

Deep purples, blues, blacks and dark reds usually complement each other, while light blues, yellows, oranges and certain greens also play well with each other. In addition, chrome lines on the body can also be a great way of dividing certain colors, so we always take that into account when building your custom vehicle at Burl’s Hypnotic Customs.