Complete Restorations

Complete Resto-Modifications

Since we opened the doors more than two decades ago, Burl’s Hypnotic Customs has been integrating newer parts into older classic vehicles. Resto-modifications (aka resto-mods) combine old cars and new technology to create vehicles that run like today’s cars without sacrificing that classic look.

We match classic styling with contemporary comfort, performance and reliability while accessing cutting-edge technology. Burl’s Hypnotic Customs is able to excel with resto-mods that turn heads and win awards.

Some car owners want to add modern performance without sacrificing that stock look by refitting original parts. In its infancy, resto-mods primarily used things such as air conditioning kits and digital gauges. Now a huge aftermarket helps car builders and restoration companies like Burl’s Hypnotic to transform classics into daily drivers and cruisers worthy for even the most epic lengthy road trips.

Complete Restorations at Burls Hypnotic 02
Complete Restorations at Burls Hypnotic

Although the most spectacular resto-mods share simply the vehicle’s body with the original version, most modifications requested by classic car enthusiasts center around a handful of critical components. We sit down with all of our clients to determine the proper balance between the old and the new for thier car or truck.

By integrating newer equipment, resto-mods provide the modern performance and style that their fans desire. This includes: