Chassis Upgrades

Complete Chassis Upgrades

At Burl’s Hypnotic Customs in Henderson, TX, we often install performance suspension components when it comes to creating a vehicle that the customer can live with on a daily basis or on the way to the track, car show or another event.

The secret we’ve learned over the years is that building the complete package that optimizes the chassis, springs and ride control components is crucial to any project. It is all about balance and efficiency and of course, price and value are all major things to consider.

Chassis Upgrades at Burls Hypnotic 02

It All Starts with the Chassis

Chassis Upgrades at Burls Hypnotic

Performance is vital. Cornering or lateral acceleration will cause the chassis to roll, and the faster the corner, the more the chassis will increase the probability the vehicle rolling. During any cornering maneuver, the weight distribution of the entire car will change and transferred throughout the four corners.

Chassis roll is another important factor in chassis dynamics. As any vehicle corners or accelerates, the car’s chassis or body will roll and significantly compress the suspension.

Suspension Upgrades

A chassis upgrade involves shocks and struts, as well as springs, sway/anti-roll bars, which is often one of the most overlooked suspension modifications. By knowing the ins and outs and intricacies of a chassis upgrade, we have all of the proper skills, tools and experience to do the job right.

Suspension Upgrades